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Ep. 118 – Getting Back to Miles and Poin

Ep. 118 – Getting Back to Miles and Points Basics with Travel Fanboy

Adam of Travel Fanboy influencing fame drops by the podcast to discuss what it’s like to be a beginner, both as a miles and points person (previously) and as a content creator for miles and points beginners (currently). We have a wide ranging discussion about his being content booking domestic first class, what it’s like to work with people who aren’t insane about miles and points, casino stuff (natch), and a little bit about why he highly recommends everyone visit Detroit.

Ep. 116 – Royal Caribbean Gaming with To

Ep. 116 – Royal Caribbean Gaming with Tom Kim

Friend of the show Tom Kim joins the podcast to discuss how he’s been gambling on Royal Caribbean to get “free” cruises. Spoiler alert they’re not actually free but they’re also not as expensive as you might think (statistically). We also discuss his overall impressions of Royal Caribbean and what upcharges and packages are worth the cost. Apparently cruising is like mileage running?

Ep. 115 – Flying Around the World in Sty

Ep. 115 – Flying Around the World in Style (Japan, Singapore, and Europe)

Episode Description Joe and Trevor catch up on summer trips, including Trevor’s round the world extravaganza. Tune in for our thoughts on Japan, Singapore, Budapest, and much more! Plus – did Trevor manage to get himself into Lufthansa first class? (Drink!) In our Patreon only Final Boarding Call segment, Joe covers various odds and ends […]

Ep. 112 – Behind Blogging recorded live

Episode Description Travelcon (the non-hacking one) was in Boston this year, so Joe got together with a bunch of miles and points bloggers to chat about the state of miles and points blogging, where the space might be going, whether consolidation will keep happening, whether Canadians really are nicer, and a whole lot more! Featuring […]

Ep. 111 – Alaska, France, and Tasmania w

Becky Pokora from drops by and we chat about our recent trips that hopefully can inspire you as you plan your next ones. How can you enjoy Alaska by land or by sea, what is it like to go to the Women’s World Cup, and how much wildlife can you see in Tasmania? We also talk about how Joe dealt with a grossly overcharged rental car.