Musings on miles, points, and travel from members of the Saverocity network

Episode 42 – Interview with Mat...


With Trevor and Joe Cortez off doing Trevor and Joe Cortez things, we sit down with Matt in Part I of a two part interview. We touch on his evergreen Vegas gig before examining his rise and fall as a reselling resalesman before closing out with some philosophical debate about miles and points earnings in the current climate. Recorded 5 Dec, 2016.

Episode 41 – Breaking down the ...


The gang’s all we here as we catch up on Trevor’s latest weekend in Asia and the new World of Hyatt Program. From logos to future plans, we cover it all. Plus, shocking revelations about Joe Cortez’s past! Recorded 3 Nov, 2016.

Episode 40 – Valuing Trips and ...

Episode 40 – Valuing Trips and Opportunity Cost with Noah from Money Metagame

Noah from Money Metagame stops by to settle an old argument with Trevor. In the process, we touch on how to evaluate the value of our trips, opportunity costs, whether travel hackers are actually “winning”, and a little bit about F.I.R.E. (Financial Independence Retire Early). Recorded 20 Oct, 2016.

Episode 39 – AA IRROPS, AMEX &#...


The Observation Deck is back to talk about AA’s regular irregular operations, AMEX “enhancements”, and how to use 75K Virgin America miles! Recorded 6 Oct, 2016.

Episode 38 – Talking shop with ...


With Trevor and Joe Cortez preoccupied, Free-quent Flyer returns to talk moving and MS, whether the hobby really is dying, the currencies he invests in (and what he is currently hoarding!), and some thoughts on Eastern Europe and everyone’s new favorite credit card! Recorded 9 Sept, 2016.

Episode 37 – CSR CSR CSR!!!!!!!...


Have you heard? There’s a new credit card in town, the Chase Sapphire Reserve! We discuss the hype, our experiences, our thoughts on the card, and what’s been ignored due to the frenzy. Shawn from milestomemories drops by to give our opinions some credibility as well. Recorded 25 Aug, 2016.

Episode 36 – Delta meltdown and...


We come in hot off of summer vacation to talk about Delta’s IRROPS, United stopover changes, and some Olympic sportsball! Gang’s back together, kids! Recorded 10 Aug, 2016.

Episode 35 – Fatherhood, Family...


With Trevor and Joe Cortez on vacation, Shawn Coomer from milestomemories and Richard Kerr the Points Jock of the Travel Hacking 101 Facebook group join to discuss fatherhood and the multitude of ways it affects point earnings, travel, our wives, and much more. A fascinating talk for dads and non-dads alike. Kids are great. 😛 Recorded 30 July, 2016.

Episode 34 – Would you rather?


We take advantage of the summer to do a more relaxed podcast, meaning we get to be even less serious than usual! Did you play “Would you rather?” in elementary school? Play along as we discuss our thoughts on first vs. coach, where we’d travel, our preferred methods of earning points, and what to do on a Tuuuuesday. Recorded 30 Jun, 2016.

Episode 33 – Talking TSA

Family At Airport Passing Through Security Check

We chat TSA – why the long lines, can anything be done about them, and how Trevor and Joe Cortez would fix it! We end with a little bit on AA going revenue based. Thanks for listening! Recorded 23 June, 2016.