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Episode 12 (7/18/15) – Barclays

Wherein we discuss Barclays Bank and its credit cards, get Joe Cortez’s take on the Arrival+ changes, discuss what the heck you should do with your Aviator card, invent a new drinking game, and try out a new Last Word format featuring selfies and massages. Plus, a reader question about our top miles and points resources. Recorded 17 July, 2015.

Episode 11 (7/10/15) – Free-quent Flyer

Wherein we interview Gideon the Free-quent Flyer in a supersized podcast. We talk with FQF about how he thrives in the miles and points game despite not having a “real job” (no secrets revealed, just quality shop talk), his philosophy on redeeming points, things to consider if you are not super wealthy but want to play this game. Plus a reader question about the best Visa for a non miles junkie, and Last Word featuring blog revenues, Barclays Arrival devaluation, and our most cherished foods! Recorded 8 July, 2015.