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Episode 26 – Hyatt and Diamond ...

Wherein Freequent Flyer joins us (3rd time!) to discuss the Diamond status freely given by Hyatt, thoughts on how that’s affected loyal Diamonds, whether chasing status causes people to put Hyatt blinders on, and requalification ideas. Plus, a Last Word you’ll definitely forget! Recorded 17 Mar, 2016.

Episode 16 – Saving on Paid Tra...

Wherein we discuss ways we go about saving money when paying out of pocket for travel. What, Trevor pays out of pocket? Apparently so…occasionally. Recorded 9 Oct 2015.

Episode 15 – Family, MS, and Ot...

Wherein we start by discussing how our family lives affect our games, and then allow alcohol to cause our conversation to meander to…who knows. Recorded LIVE in Wellesley, MA with Free-quent Flyer, VRHunter, and Franklin’s Dad 26 Sept, 2015.

Episode 13 – The Big Picture

Wherein we discuss how miles and points fit into the big picture of our overall finances, hypothesize about biggest threats to the game, and reflect on why we write. Featuring Big Boss himself, Matt F. Saverocity! Plus, you’ll never guess who hoards AA miles. Recorded 31 July, 2015.

Episode 12 (7/18/15) – Barclays

Wherein we discuss Barclays Bank and its credit cards, get Joe Cortez’s take on the Arrival+ changes, discuss what the heck you should do with your Aviator card, invent a new drinking game, and try out a new Last Word format featuring selfies and massages. Plus, a reader question about our top miles and points resources. Recorded 17 July, 2015.

Episode 11 (7/10/15) – Free-que...

Wherein we interview Gideon the Free-quent Flyer in a supersized podcast. We talk with FQF about how he thrives in the miles and points game despite not having a “real job” (no secrets revealed, just quality shop talk), his philosophy on redeeming points, things to consider if you are not super wealthy but want to play this game. Plus a reader question about the best Visa for a non miles junkie, and Last Word featuring blog revenues, Barclays Arrival devaluation, and our most cherished foods! Recorded 8 July, 2015.

Episode 10 (6/15/15) – News of ...

Wherein we discuss NEWS OF THE WORLD. OK, we catch up on some credit card news including Chase churner crackdowns, AMEX updates, and Discover’s 10X promotion. We also update what’s going on with Open Skies and play a game revolving around Trevor’s many, many destinations. Plus, Joe Cortez is back! Recorded 12 June, 2015.

Episode 7 (4/26/15): The Garbage Dump

Wherein we discuss a smorgasbord of topics, including 7 year anniversary gifts, Citi’s aggressive strategy, the plethora of deals out there, and much more. Also, do you like plugs? If so, you’ll love this episode! Recorded 24 Apr, 2015.

Episode 5 (3/21/15): All About AA

Wherein we discuss our thoughts on the impending American and US Airways merger, make predictions on how it will affect consumers, have spirited debates about…various, discuss our dream trips, and see how many cans of beer Trevor can open on air in one podcast. Recorded 20 Mar, 2015.

Episode 4 (3/10/15): Reflecting on th...

Wherein we discuss our thoughts on the current state of the MS game (discretely, we hope), reflect a bit on family travel, and meet some new friends. Featuring special guests Nick from PFDigest, Kenny from Miles4More, and Shawn from Miles to Memories. Recorded 7 Mar, 2015.