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Episode 102 – Best credit cards by categ

Shawn Coomer from Miles to Memories drops by to play a little game: best no, low, and high annual fee credit cards for a “normal” user. We often get caught up in all the hacking but we found it productive to think about what cards to recommend to people who are looking to save money on travel but not go crazy. (Or at least dip their toes in the water besides deciding to get deep into it!). We also chat about planning trips to Asia, mistake fares, renting warehouses, and more!

In our bonus Gold Patreon only segment, Shawn and I chat about buyers clubs which seem to be the hot new thing. I pick Shawn’s reseller perspective brain about the potential pitfalls and breakdowns that could affect buyers clubs.

Episode 100 – Ice castles in Harbin, Chi

Becky Pokora from sightDOING{ drops by to help us celebrate our 100th episode! We discuss her experience with the Hong Kong Airlines mistake business class fare and how she handles building a trip around a mistake fare. Then, we discuss her trip (via said fare) to Harbin, China (哈爾濱) and their amazing ice festival. Hope you enjoy hearing about her spectacular experience as much as we did.

Episode 99 – Talking all things aviation

We mix things up a little bit with a super informative chat with Steve Kriese. While he hosts the DCL Podcast (Disney Cruise Line) in his free time, by day he flies 737s for Alaska Airlines. We discuss how he got into commercial aviation, whether certain airlines are better than others, what a typical week looks like for a pilot, what perks you get working for the airline and a whole lot more!

Episode 97 – Festivus the Third with Sam

We’re back for our third ever Festivus Celebration with special guest, Sam from Milenomics. We air our grievances against the airlines, hotels, and banks, show off our feats of strength, and close out 2018 by rejoicing in Festivus miracles for each and every one of us! In our Gold Patreon only segment, Sam joins us to discuss the dark underbelly of points and miles.

Episode 96 – Making a baby in Brno and 2

Dustin from Waller’s Wallet joins the podcast to discuss his family’s experience with IVF in Brno, Czech Republic, the world of credit cards in 2018, and thoughts for the future of the miles and points game in 2019. Featuring: some pretty bad jokes!

In the Gold Patreon only Final Boarding Call segment we talk about some avenues to sign up for credit cards that would be otherwise closed off and increasing spending over the holidays. Interested in becoming a supporter? Find out more on our Patreon page!

Episode 95 – Cruising, South America, an

Richard Kerr from Award Travel 101 joins the podcast to chat about airline loyalty in his new hometown, Atlanta, traveling to South America, how to save money on cruises, and more. We also continue our 10 year anniversary series and discuss how safe we feel in various parts of the world. In the Gold Patreon only segment Final Boarding call, we take a look at some concrete datapoints for cruise savings and a new credit card spending avenue we’ve been tinkering with.

Thanks so much to our generous Patreon supporters. Interested in becoming a supporter? Find out more on our Patreon page!

Episode 94 – Beer festivals, Mardi Gras,

Jeff Brownson aka Jeff the Wanderer aka Miles and Pints joins the podcast to chat about strategies for attending beer festivals with miles and points, the coolest tour I’ve ever heard about in Belize, strategies for 2 player mode when it comes to credit cards, Mardi Gras, and a whole lot more. Plus, stay tuned to the end of the podcast for a sneak preview of our new Patreon only segment, Final Boarding Call. Don’t know what Patreon is? Check out our page and please consider supporting the podcast. We’d really appreciate it!

Episode 93 – AvGeek Week

Joe and Trevor chat about the longest flight in the world, how to pass the time on crazy long flights, the ten longest flights in the world and which we’d take, and much more. Also, we discuss what to do when an airline hangs you out to dry and what you need to know about American’s changes with interline agreements.