Episode Description

Spencer Howard from Straight to the Points and the amazing award newsletter swings by. We celebrate a big life change before moving on to discuss his recent trip to Dubai, including the Al Maha resort. We of course discuss what it’s like going to Dubai during a pandemic and all the fun things to do at Al Maha. We also discuss flying British Airways business class and what that’s like with new policies in place.

In Final Boarding Call, Spencer discusses the value of using miles and points to pay for cash fares.

Episode Notes

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3:55 – Introducing Spencer’s trip to Dubai

6:55 – Flying over to Dubai on British Airways

13:02 – Entering Dubai

15:00 – Hotels and costs

16:13 – Al Maha resort

20:31 – Activities in Al Maha

26:06 – Sightseeing in Dubai

34:33 – Issues on the flight back home

40:40 – Giving thanks

49:18 – Using miles and points for cheap cash fares (Patreon only)