Episode Description

We talk to Ivan (@saianel) about his recent trip to see the Great Migration in Tanzania and how it compares to the other two (!) safaris he’s been on. We talk luxury safaris, best animal sightings, and a whole lot more. Plus, some great bucket list travel talk.

In our Patreon only Final Boarding Call we chat about how to find a safari that fits you and Ivan’s experience flying Q Suites.

Episode Notes

1:51 – Introducing Ivan

4:47 – What is the Great Migration?

10:07 – Planning a last minute safari

14:58 – Testing before travel

16:02 – Hopping around Africa

18:54 – Out on the Serengeti

19:27 – What makes a safari premium? Comparing different safari experiences

26:52 – Animal sightings

31:31 – Safari recommendation

34:58 – Finding good safari tours (Patreon only)

36:46 – Why now’s the time to take a safari (Patreon only)

41:12 – Q Suites experience (Patreon only)