Episode Description

The miles and points community was all abuzz when Miraval Berkshires’ opened with the BOGO promotion, but the shine has dulled a bit due to MA’s restrictive travel policies. Still, we had a man on the ground in Mike D, longtime listener first time caller, so we discussed the Miraval Berkshires in detail.

What does the property do amazingly well and what aspects still have rough edges to smooth out? Plus, some thoughts on whether points feel “less expensive” than cash and more teacher talk than you probably want.

In Final Boarding Call, we discuss quirks with booking Miraval, Fluz, and a new option for AMEX airline credits.

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Episode Notes

7:16 – Basics of trip and booking the Miraval Berkshires BOGO deal

10:35 – Getting to Miraval Berkshires

12:58 – Checking in, plus some issues

17:12 – The room

19:45 – What does all inclusive mean?

22:48 – Food

26:53 – Activities, the highlight

31:17 – Social distancing precautions

36:06 – Final grade

38:20 – Tips

45:59 – Final Boarding Call

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Music: “Ten Hundred Years” by Poly Action, “Feet Gone Soft” by Monplaisir, and “Feet Gone Wild” by Monplaisir