Episode Description

Amol of Travel Codex (and a pretty good Twitter follow) joins the podcast to discuss how things are going in Atlanta from the perspective a doctor working in hospitals there. We also discuss Bali and why breakfast in Asia hotels is so great.

In Final Boarding Call, Amol sticks around to discuss how (and if) we are still earning miles and points during the pandemic plus some general credit card discussion.

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Episode Notes

3:36 – Who is Amol?

10:08 – Writing for Travel Codex

13:00 – Medical background

16:47 – How is Atlanta doing? (Note: We recorded before Gov. Kemp announced Georgia would start reopening on 4/27)

21:44 – Working on a COVID-19 ward

24:39 – Why have hospitals been furloughing staff?

26:08 – The possible future of social distancing

33:43 – Where would you go if you could right now?

36:28 – Flights to Bali

41:06 – Fancy Bali hotels

50:40 – How are we still earning miles and points? (Patreon only)

55:44 – What miles and points are we focusing on? (Patreon only)

59:02 – Credit cards worth signing up for now and general credit card strategy and discussion during COVID-19 (Patreon only)

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Music: “Ten Hundred Years” by Poly Action, “Feet Gone Soft” by Monplaisir, and “Feet Gone Wild” by Monplaisir