Episode Description

Becky Pokora of SightDOING joins the podcast and we discuss our miles and points resolutions for the new year. We chat about:

  • Miles we plan to earn
  • Miles we need to burn
  • Bad habits we want to break
  • Good habits we want to start

We also discuss our 2020 travel plans and in the Patreon only Final Boarding Call, Becky enlightens the guys about how to book Iberia awards with the least amount of stress!

Episode Notes

4:35 – Our 2020 travel plans

13:59 – Miles we want to earn

  • Becky: Bulk transferable currencies
  • Trevor: Marriott (???)
  • Joe: Membership Rewards

23:31 – Miles we need to burn

  • Becky: Smaller balances in minor programs
  • Trevor: Korean Air
  • Joe: Radisson and ThankYou Points

30:22 – Bad habits to break

  • Joe: Nomo FOMO
  • Becky: Airline credit procrastination
  • Trevor: Forced vacations

37:17 – Bad habits our patrons want to break

42:07 – Good habits to start

  • Becky: Book what makes the most sense not what’s “hot”
  • Trevor: Focus on Freedom 5X
  • Joe: Bookkeeping

49:25 – Booking Iberia awards and getting value out of them (Patreon only)

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Music: “Ten Hundred Years” by Poly Action, “Feet Gone Soft” by Monplaisir, and “Feet Gone Wild” by Monplaisir