Episode Description

Podcast worlds collide as Leslie Harvey from Trips with Tykes joins Joe and Trevor to discuss why you shouldn’t sleep on Bermuda, experiences with the Southwest Companion Pass, our predictions for the future of the 737 Max, and more!

In the Patreon only Final Boarding Call segment, we look at award availability to Bermuda, Joe’s Delta Vacations almost-debacle, and Trevor’s experience earning the companion pass in the past. Say that last phrase three times fast.

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Note: Leslie is a brand ambassador for Southwest, though our conversation was mainly about the companion pass which she earned on her own, as the episode details.

Episode Notes

Hear more of Leslie on her new podcast Disneyland with Kids or on her old one Disney Deciphered!

3:36 – Why Leslie took a trip to Bermuda and her constraints

7:38 – How Leslie booked her tripped and how she went about planning the vacation

12:56 – High season in Bermuda

15:04 – Where Leslie stayed (The Hamilton Princess, Pink Palace). Where Trevor has stayed

21:40 – Bermuda highlights

28:31 – Overall vibe of the island, party? Families?

35:10 – Southwest Companion Pass discussion and experiences

43:37 – Trevor’s AVgeek soapbox on the 737 Max

51:52 – Bermuda award space (Patreon only)

53:21 – Thoughts on Avios (Patreon only)

54:27 – CNB Visa rumors and strategy (Patreon only)

56:15 – Joe’s Delta vacations almost-debacle (Patreon only)

58:10 – Trevor’s experience earning the companion pass in the past (Patreon only)

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