Episode Description

Dustin from Waller’s Wallet returns to talk about the baby that was born thanks to his trip to Brno (discussed in Episode 96), why he canceled the American Express Personal Gold (what?), discrepancies he’s noticed studying prices on various travel portals, and a lot more!

In the Patreon-only Final Boarding Call segment, we discuss earning 15X at Target, Dustin’s magical run with a very shutdown happy rebate service, and how much time he takes to groom himself before a Youtube video. 

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2:13 – Reselling DO

4:20 – Baby delay, family travel discussion, bassinets

12:22 – DC/clearwater highlights

13:50 – Why Dustin canceled his AMEX Gold

19:12 – Dustin’s current credit card strategy. Various credit card shop talk

29:38 – Discussion about how travel portals from different cards/companies show different prices

43:16 – More thoughts on AMEX Gold (Patreon only)

45:10 – 10X at Target? (Patreon only)

48:46 – Dustin still gets Drop to work – what? (Patreon only)

52:10 – Discussion about Youtube as a medium (Patreon only)

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Music: “Ten Hundred Years” by Poly Action, “Feet Gone Soft” by Monplaisir, and “Feet Gone Wild” by Monplaisir

Featured Image courtesy of Dustin