Episode Description

Ed Pizzarello from Pizza in Motion and the Miles 2 Go podcast drops by to discuss his crazy Disney parkeology challenge for charity, the perils of overscheduling “vacation”, what loyalty might look like to consumers in the future, and why in the name of all that is good and just in this world did Bonvoy win at the Freddies?

In Final Boarding Call, Joe talks about lessons you should probably take from his semi-disastrous family trip over spring break.

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Episode Notes

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Now Boarding podcast

3:18 -Parkeology challenge and raising money for cancer research at Disney World

11:35 – Going too hard on “vacation”

16:06 – Quick comparison of Disney Cruise Line to other cruise lines

18:32 – How do miles and points affect whether you cram (or don’t cram) activities into your “vacations”

22:52 – Quick follow up thoughts on dynamic awards

28.38 – Discussion on brand loyalty in the travel world

33:41 – Where might loyalty be going in the future?

43:20 – Joe’s tough trip (Final Boarding Call, Gold Patreon Only)