Episode Description

Drew from Travel is Free is back to writing full time and the miles and points community is better off for it. He joins the podcast to chat about what he’s been up to, Eastern Europe, free stopovers using United, and more! We chatted  so much we left in some extra banter at the end of the episode. (Note: Obviously we recorded this before United announced they’re getting rid of their award chart. We haven’t seen news about how this affects stopovers yet, maybe it won’t, but it’s still bad news).

Drew also stuck around for Final Boarding Call, where we discussed some more specific examples of United stopovers and how to potentially scale multiple accounts for various promotions. Also, a very special patron gets a very special call out from Mr. Travel is Free.

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Episode Notes

Drew’s newest post on United stopovers taking into account the new changes

2:54 – What Drew and Carrie have been up to and a bit of background on their time as “nomads” (How they became full time Travel Hackers)

10:15 – Favorite place they found during their travels

12:04 – Lessons learned from starting a small business. Thoughts on risk

18:46 – Why Drew loves Eastern Europe (Travel is Free guide to Eastern Europe)

21:19 – Specific recommendations for first timers

27:11 – Miles and points options to Eastern Europe

30:55 – Discussing United’s Excursionist perk and free stopover (Drew’s post of stopover examples, be sure to check out the sublinks within)

38:08 – an example of using the United free stopover

46:04 – Final Boarding Call – More complicated stopover examples (Gold Patreon subscribers only)

51:06 – How Drew earns miles these days, some thoughts on scaling up multiple accounts (Gold Patreon subscribers only) 

1:02:41 – A very special patron call out (Gold Patreon subscribers only)

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Music: “Ten Hundred Years” by Poly Action, “Feet Gone Soft” by Monplaisir, and “Feet Gone Wild” by Monplaisir

Featured image courtesy of Drew Macomber