Episode Description

We mix things up a little bit with a super informative chat with Steve Kriese. While he hosts the DCL Podcast (Disney Cruise Line) in his free time, by day he flies 737s for Alaska Airlines. We discuss how he got into commercial aviation, whether certain airlines are better than others, what a typical week looks like for a pilot, what perks you get working for the airline and a whole lot more!

In our bonus Gold Patreon only segment, Trevor does a deep dive into Lufthansa First Class award availability and reviews how you can book it. Surgeon general’s warning: do not play the Observation Deck drinking game when listening to this segment. Interested in listening to the segment by becoming a supporter? Once we hit 50 patrons we’ll start releasing quarterly bonus episodes, so find out more on our Patreon page!

Episode Notes

Contact Steve on Twitter @DCLPodcast

2:24 – What’s the DCL podcast?

6:50 – Steve’s background as a pilot and how he got into commercial aviation

9:15 – Joe gives Trevor and Steve a few minutes to #avgeek out

12:30 – Process to become a pilot

17:12 – How do different US carriers compare to one another?

22:45 – Airline gossip, pros and cons of Alaska Airlines

33:10 – Typical week and flight schedule, preferred routes

41:30 – Do pilots or airline employees gain hotel status or perks while working?

44:21 – Life as a married Alaska Airlines couple

48:26 – Destination(s) of the week – San Diego and Kona

1:01:28 – Trevor’s deep dive into Lufthansa First Class award availability and bookings (Gold Patreon subscribers only)

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