Episode Description

Happy New Year everyone! Jordan from Windbag Miles joins us to ring in the New Year with our destination of the week, the Faroe Islands, which aren’t where Trevor thinks they are and are beautiful despite some questionable practices. 

In our miles and points segment we chat about hotels in Paris and Air France’s new dynamic award pricing and how to find value it. We close out with a forward looking Buy and Sell. 

In the Gold Patreon only Final Boarding Call, I examine some of the award space to the Faroe Islands and share a new (albeit small) benefit we want to offer our patrons. Interested in listening to the segment by becoming a supporter? Find out more on our Patreon page!

Episode Notes

Flying Blue Dynamic Award Pricing

2:07 – Introducing Jordan from Windbag Miles 

7:19 – Where are the Faroe Islands? What’s worth seeing there? 

14:45 – A unique tradition in the Faroe Islands that may or may not offend you 

17:42 – Getting to the Faroe Islands 

26:46 – Paris hotels on miles and points 

29:57 – Paris locations with IHG and other availability 

34:14 – Other areas of Paris to consider staying in 

36:18 – Jordan’s one thing to do in Paris 

38:55 – Flying Blue dynamic awards and gleaning value from them 

50:22 – Buy or Sell! 

1:02:50 – Searching award space to the Faroe Islands and a small benefit for patrons (Gold Patreon subscribers only)

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Music: “Ten Hundred Years” by Poly Action, “Feet Gone Soft” by Monplaisir, and “Feet Gone Wild” by Monplaisir

Featured image courtesy of Jordan Hurder