Episode Description

Dustin from Waller’s Wallet joins the podcast to discuss his family’s experience with IVF in Brno, Czech Republic, the world of credit cards in 2018, and thoughts for the future of the miles and points game in 2019. Featuring: some pretty bad jokes!

In the Gold Patreon only Final Boarding Call segment we talk about some avenues to sign up for credit cards that would be otherwise closed off and increasing spending over the holidays. Interested in becoming a supporter? Find out more on our Patreon page!

Episode Notes

Check out Dustin’s Youtube page.

Trevor’s annual Toys for Tots get together in the DC area.

4:03 – Introduction to medical tourism

9:56 – IVF in the Czech Republic

12:52 – Getting flights to Europe for IVF

16:04 – Some more details about the IVF clinic (Reprofit International in Brno, CZ)

19:25 – Exploring Brno

24:09 – What to focus on credit card wise here at the end of 2018

28:06 – Chase becoming more and more overbearing (and unbearable?)

33:24 – Don’t call it an AMEX comeback…but it’s close

35:21 – Citi becoming the third child

38:40 – Barclays new 6/24 rule?

40:16 – Dustin’s general credit card strategy

45:02 – New segment! Buy or sell, 2019 predictions

55:04 – (Gold Patreon only content begins) Bill payment updates, AA cards, increasing spending over the holidays, applying for a CNB Crystal Infinite card, and finding a community

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Music: “Ten Hundred Years” by Poly Action, “Feet Gone Soft” by Monplaisir, and “Feet Gone Wild” by Monplaisir