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Episode 93 – AvGeek Week

Episode Description

Joe and Trevor chat about the longest flight in the world, how to pass the time on crazy long flights, the ten longest flights in the world and which we’d take, and much more. Also, we discuss what to do when an airline hangs you out to dry and what you need to know about American’s changes with interline agreements.

Episode Notes

2:53 – The longest flight in the world

6:48 – What to do on long flights

16:33 – Top 10 longest flights in the world

24:43 – What to do when an airline cancels your flight

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Music: “Ten Hundred Years” by Poly Action and “Feet Gone Soft” by Monplaisir



  1. Explorer Explorer
    October 26, 2018    

    It appears that the CIP travel protections are similar/same as the CSR. I would be interested if someone can confirm that.

    PS I am very disappointed in the travel protections offered by American Express Platinum.

    • Joe Joe
      November 2, 2018    

      Me too – we’ll ask around

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