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Episode 92 – Asia, Award E-mails, and Anniversaries with Spencer Howard

Episode Description

Spencer Howard comes back to visit and we chat about Kyoto, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Spencer’s new award e-mail alert service. Plus, an anniversary trip recommendation from Spencer that you won’t believe and some info about booking ANA first class.

Episode Notes

Find Spencer at

October Airport Restaurant Month

2:22 – Kyoto recommendations

4:17 – Booking ANA first class and notes on the experience

9:22 – Cathay’s new IAD-HKG route

11:40 – Fun things to do in Hong Kong

14:00 – Trevor’s recent experiences in Hong Kong

17:41 – Joe’s Hong Kong recommendations

20:37 – Fun with Mari(o) Kart in Tokyo

25:55 – 10 year anniversary ideas

30:05 – Spencer’s award alert service

38:52 – A neat way to get to Europe using points from the East Coast

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Music: “Ten Hundred Years” by Poly Action and “Feet Gone Soft” by Monplaisir

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  1. Kathy Kathy
    October 16, 2018    

    Hey Joe! Spencer’s suggestion for you and your wife to go to Montreal and Quebec City is a great one. I would, however, fly to Montreal and rent a car from there. Given your short time frame, the drive would take too much of your time. Boston to Montreal is about a six hour drive, then add on another three to Quebec City. If you have four days, that’s basically two full days of driving. I grew up in NH and went to university in Montreal, so I’ve done this route many times. Montreal is a great foodie city—hard to get a bad meal—and wonderful for people watching. Enjoy!

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