Episode Description

Len Testa, founder of Touring Plans, returns to talk a whole bunch of Walt Disney World topics. We touch on how Touring Plans has had to evolve, how insane Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge will be next year, upcoming changes to ticket packages (including how Disney might implement multi-day peak pricing), and most importantly, the best theory I’ve ever heard on why Disney’s IT is so bad…

Episode Notes

We took some listener questions but I forgot to shout them out on the podcast so thanks to @saraieo, @tbbolts, @suzismini, and @berkeyrachel on Twitter!

Also, if you want to hear more Len, his episode of Disney Deciphered will post on Wednesday, August 15th – feel free to check out our other episodes before then!

Episode 47 (our first episode with Len from 2017)

0:00 – Some updates on the podcast and ResellingDO

3:10 – How Disney’s changes have affected Touring Plans over the last year

10:36 – How Disney extending 60 day FP+ privileges have affected touring plans

15:16 – How crazy will Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge crowds be next year?

21:54 – Disney multi-day peak pricing ticket changes, how it might work and some questions

28:30 – Will Disney benefits to non-Disney hotels stick around?

31:57 – Why is Disney IT so bad sometimes?

37:30 – Gondola chat

38:50 – Does Touring Plans adjust ride wait times in real time when rides go down?

40:12 – Any plans for expansion to international parks in the future?

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Music: “Ten Hundred Years” by Poly Action and “Feet Gone Soft” by Monplaisir