Photo Credit | Cynthia Dresher

Photo Credit | Cynthia Drescher

Episode Description

Cynthia Drescher, who you may know as JetSetCD, is an avid traveler who spends half her time on the road. She writes for Conde Nast and joined the podcast to discuss the difference between an arctic/Antarctica cruise, fun festivals in Germany, and…cryptocurrency? We also chat about how in 2018 every festival seems crushed with people and offer suggestions for “small” events to check out around the world! Cynthia inspires me to travel more and I hope she’ll inspire you too.

Episode Notes

Follow Cynthia on Twitter or Instagram – great follow.

Festivals discussed:

Germany: Stuttgart Fruehlingsfest, Bad Durkheim WurstmarktChristmas markets Mainz

Australia: Vivid in Sydney

Thailand: Loi Krathong (floating lanterns)

Easter Island: Tapati Festival

0:00 – Quick thoughts on the Freddies

2:14 – Introducing Cynthia and some past cruises

6:26 – The difference between the arctic and Antarctica, and Cynthia’s experiences in both

11:15 – Enjoying cruising

13:05 – How Cynthia goes about finding and booking cruises

20:38 – Festivals in Germany worth visiting and then a detour to Australia for more festivals

35:17 – Are there any small festivals in the world still?

40:03 – Random cryptocurrency conversation and thoughts

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Music: “Ten Hundred Years” by Poly Action and “Feet Gone Soft” by Monplaisir