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Episode 78 – Be Your Own Elite Part 2 with Sam Simon from Milenomics

Episode Description

Sam from Milenomics returns for Round 2 vs. Trevor of Be Your Own Elite vs. Earned Elite Status. This time, they tackle the value of hotel status as it pertains to saving money, enhanced customer service, higher earn rates, and upgrades and benefits.

Episode Notes

0:00 – Housekeeping

4:20 – Basics of the Be Your Own Elite program

8:05 – Saving money as an elite/BYOE

17:25 – Enhanced customer service

26:33 – Higher earn rates

30:11 – Upgrades and benefits

Find out about Sam’s requalification for BYOE 2018 here.

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Music: “Ten Hundred Years” by Poly Action and “Feet Gone Soft” by Monplaisir


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  1. Jamie Jamie
    March 30, 2018    

    Yes! We got Mel-Bun and a reference to up in the air. Good thing I’m not doing the ObservationDeck drinking game, because I’d be tipsy at 9:30 AM.
    Great podcast so far, I’m about halfway in. Enjoying the discussion.

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