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Episode 68 – South America travel talk with Dia Adams, the Deal Mommy

Episode Description

Dia Adams, aka the Deal Mommy, joins us to talk South America, Camp Mom, mom blogs, the new AMEX Hilton card, and more!

Episode Notes

Join Trevor and others at their Toys for Tots meet up on November 30 at Tortoise & Hare Bar and Grill in Arlington, VA on 11/30! Leave a review on iTunes and the podcast will donate an extra toy for the cause too!

Check out Dia’s thoughts on six years of blogging.

5:45 – Saying hello

8:04 – Trevor’s AA status plans

13:59 – Camp Mom

15:27 – South America highlights, Colonia

19:32 – Iguassu Falls

26:47 – Chile

31:56 – Saving money on lodging and avoiding chain hotels

35:01 – Dia’s experience in the blogging space

46:52 – New Hilton Amex card

51:34 – Toys for tots

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Music: “Ten Hundred Years” by Poly Action and “Feet Gone Soft” by Monplaisir


  1. Michael Michael
    November 10, 2017    

    Excited for content in next episode! Thanks guys.

  2. Jamie Jamie
    November 20, 2017    

    Listening to the podcast right now and I have to disagree with two thing (and I’m not even done with the podcast yet! haha)
    Thank you Joe to for the pro-stick shift vote. Not that I’d drive sick in Chile, but in Europe you’re fine and the premium for automatic is so high that it’s just not worth it. at all.
    Also found Dia’s comments on Trevor going for Hyatt status to be a bit condescending. It’s not for everyone, for sure, but to basically say that anyone who goes for it is a fool is a bit extreme. We just took advantage of what I think was your favorite underrated hotel status perk: 4PM checkout at our hotel in Chicago, which let us enjoy our whole second day in the city without worrying about packing up early. Plus breakfast for 4, which was $100+tip, not that we would’ve spent that, but we would’ve spent at least $50 somewhere, and this place is delicious. And the room rate was $130. When we are consistently using perks like that, it’s worth it to stick with Hyatt.

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