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Episode 66 – Oktoberfest, 2/3/4, and RAT

Episode Description

Trevor and the Joes talk Oktoberfest, Bank of America’s new “2/3/4” rule (h/t DoC), AMEX’s RAT, and a podcast announcement.

Episode Notes

1:36 – Joe Cortez in the middle seat

5:34 – Oktoberfest – tips and general thoughts

14:43 – Lufthansa J – Trevor’s opinion

17:22 – Bank of America’s new “2/3/4” rule

26:29 – AMEX’s RAT team

34:32 – Awkward segue and announcement

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Music: “She” by Still Pluto


  1. El Ingeniero El Ingeniero
    October 10, 2017    

    If you can profitably MS on unbonused spend, Amex (nor any other issuer) probably won’t care.

  2. Michael Michael
    October 14, 2017    

    Thanks Joe Cortez for your views on the podcast!

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