Episode Description

Trevor and Joe Cheung get together to recount Trevor’s Jetblue Mint experience, discuss how to deal with kids on planes who can’t control themselves, and chat about their summer trips. After the break, Trevor updates us all on what’s going on in the reselling world and we answer the age old question: “SNES Classic resellers – jerks or true Americans?” Enjoy and thanks for listening!

Episode Notes

1:15 – Who should consider checking out future ResellingDOs

7:00 – Trevor’s trip to Napa Valley

13:52 – Kids on planes who can’t control themselves – how to deal?

22:00 – Trevor’s Jetblue Mint experience

28:16 – Mass MOCA in North Adams

35:37 – break

35:58 – Reselling, state of the game: what’s harder/easier these days?

41:33 – Are miles and points resellers pivoting?

48:44 – SNES classic resellers and bots: jerks or true Americans?

58:31 – Saving seats on Southwest: jerks or super jerks? (just kidding, I don’t feel that strongly about it so don’t @ me).

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Music: “She” by Still Pluto and “Feet Gone Soft” by Monplaisir