Episode Description

Shawn Coomer from Miles to Memories is back and we’re talking family travel fails & conflicts, various trips we’ve been on, how your kids can break your heart, and more! Recorded 20 Feb, 2017.

Episode Notes

It’s always a pleasure talking to Shawn. We had a wide ranging conversation, it was pretty free flowing but I tried to capture the main topics below. Traveling so not as much time to edit, sorry if sound quality isn’t up to par. Featured image from Shawn’s Instagram!

0:00 – Vegas price creep

4:37 – Shawn’s latest trip

5:19 – Flying on an expired passport

12:22 – Joe’s Disney family fail

18:48 – Family conflicts when traveling

23:06 – Shawn’s Atlantis impressions

28:40 – Joe on the Disney VIP treatment

30:20 – Joe’s thoughts on traveling as a solo dad with two crazy kids

36:40 – Shawn’s going to Finland

42:31 – Shawn’s Atlantis room issue

42:31 – Founders Card

44:32 – Mexico, random dad thoughts, random musings, fun stuff

Shawn’s Mexican car rental HACK!

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Music: “She” by Still Pluto