Episode Description

We speak to Len Testa, founder of Touring Plans, a travel hacker of another sort. We talk about how Len turned his graduate thesis into a study of lines (and how to avoid them) at Walt Disney World before moving into practical tips for saving money on trips to the parks. Food for thought, even if you aren’t a Disney fan. Recorded 26 Jan, 2017.

Episode Notes

For those of you who may not know, Touring Plans is a website that helps you optimize your trip to Disney World, perfect for the type A planners out there (and one I highly recommend you check out). I got the chance to sit down with Len Testa, the founder, and what followed was a wide ranging conversation that spanned both the technical (computer science nerds will enjoy) and the practical (Disney fans will enjoy).

For those of you who fancy yourselves Weekend Entrepreneurs, Len is an inspiration for turning what you love into your full time job. For the Disney mom bloggers like me out there, this episode is a good window into how Disney operates. If you hate Disney, hopefully this episode doesn’t drive you to drink (especially in Vegas, where free drinks might be on the way out?)

Also, Len’s one money saving plug (no affiliation on sponsorship): Magical Vacations Travel. Hope you enjoy the show!

0:00 – Introduction and news

5:43 – How Len got bit by the Disney bug

9:28 – Why Disney appeals to so many and why costs are going up

16:59 – How Touring Plans began, algorithms, where does the line data come from? (technical nitty gritty stuff!)

31:00 – Practical tips for saving time on rides and money in the parks

38:52 – what’s worth spending money on at disney/ways to save money/what’s worth paying for convenience

47:36 – Len’s limited travel hacks

52:17 – Underused aspect of Touring Plans

54:08 – Listener question with Len! – best dining in each park

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Music: “She” by Still Pluto