Episode Description

We dive into Trevor’s experience in the Polaris lounge before discussing American’s new basic economy fares and where our loyalties lie this year, airline wise. Then, 2017 specific predictions for air travel and credit cards! Most epic podcast ending ever spoiled by lack of music rights…just hum Toto to yourself in the background. Recorded 19 Jan, 2017.

Episode Notes

4:45 – Polaris lounge

11:50 – AA basic economy fares

19:16 – Where are we putting our loyalty this year?

24:30 – 2017 specific prediction 1: airline money making moves

30:51 – 2017 specific prediction 2: credit card changes

34:11 – 2017 specific predcition 3: airlines that will make our naughty/nice list next year

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Tom Stuker

Air Force 1


Music: “She” by Still Pluto