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Episode 45 – jonk, he who would fly 270,000 miles

Episode Description

The Joes kick off 2017 with special guest Jonathan Khoo (@jonk). We review his 270,000+ miles in the air in 2016, how he saves money on travel decisions, his thoughts on status and status lost, social media, and more! Recorded 8 Jan, 2017. (Explicit)

Episode Notes

5:40 – Jonathan’s 2016 in travel

14:05 – What does one do in economy for 24.9 days?

20:26 – Staying connected in the air and on the ground

26:24 – How Jonathan chooses and saves money on his destinations

32:55 – Lodging

35:02 – Thoughts on status from a 270K traveler

39:00 – Deciding between cash or miles, destinations

44:52 – Why travel?

48:21 – Social media predictions

50:47 – Advice for travelers who may not have the budget for it

Music: “She” by Still Pluto

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