Episode Description

Part II of our interview with Matt from Saverocity, we discuss the future of Saverocity, how travel changes you, and a little Disney. We mostly just talk philosophy.

Episode Notes

Part I of the interview

0:00 – Introduction and Observation Deck 2016 reflections

8:33 – Start of Part 2 of interview with Matt, discussing the future of Saverocity

16:54 – Travel changes you and connects you (follow @Chris_arnade)

21:50 – Disney – why Matt’s going

23:44 – Matt’s thoughts on Disney and crazies like me

27:47 – Discussion about tickets and saving a little bit of money

33:40 – Philosophical thoughts on changing approaches to spending money

38:04 – Taking a preschooler to Disney

Music: “She” and “Bitter Pill” by Still Pluto

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