Episode Description

With Trevor and Joe Cortez off doing Trevor and Joe Cortez things, we sit down with Matt in Part I of a two part interview. We touch on his evergreen Vegas gig before examining his rise and fall as a reselling resalesman before closing out with some philosophical debate about miles and points earnings in the current climate. Recorded 5 Dec, 2016.

Episode Notes

4:52 – Start of interview

6:10 – Checking in with Matt about his mLife and cruise gig, plus his experience at Robuchon in Las Vegas

16:32 – Why Matt got into reselling – you won’t believe what happens next!

20:02 – Sourcing

26:09- Float with reselling compared to MS and opening new businesses

32:10 – Why Matt decided to cool down his reselling

35:40 – Some philosophical talk about our current earning strategies including Matt’s new concept of insulation (TM?)

Music: “She” and “Bitter Pill” by Still Pluto

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