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Episode 38 – Talking shop with Free-quent Flyer

Episode Description

With Trevor and Joe Cortez preoccupied, Free-quent Flyer returns to talk moving and MS, whether the hobby really is dying, the currencies he invests in (and what he is currently hoarding!), and some thoughts on Eastern Europe and everyone’s new favorite credit card! Recorded 9 Sept, 2016.

Episode Notes

1:16 – How MS habits factored into FQF’s feelings about move to the East Coast

7:45 – How the higher cost of living has changed things for FQF

11:00 – Is the sky really falling? Is the hobby really dying?

18:43 – Currencies worth investing in

24:36 – Generating AA miles

27:09 – Currencies FQF invests in

30:05 – FQF, Hyatt Diamond 2017?

33:09 – Currency he wishes he has and some thoughts on point valuations

40:11 – Eastern Europe trip report and travel philosophy

49:08 – More discussion about the greatest credit card in history

Music: “She” by Still Pluto

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  1. Mser Mser
    September 14, 2016    

    You really need to try and make these talks somewhat interesting and informative – or stop wasting everyone’s time with these amateurish podcasts. Listening to an “expert” who was barely in the game when OS were selling VRs and then asking him about all the devaluations as if he has any sense of perspective is ludicrous.

    As is asking a guy who barely MSes at all to pontificate about the state of MS. If you want to interview someone with perspective (and who is interesting), go interview someone like Marathon Man who’s likely forgotten more about MS than most of the so-called experts you interview will ever know.

    • Joe Joe
      September 22, 2016    


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