Episode Description

Have you heard? There’s a new credit card in town, the Chase Sapphire Reserve! We discuss the hype, our experiences, our thoughts on the card, and what’s been ignored due to the frenzy. Shawn from milestomemories drops by to give our opinions some credibility as well. Recorded 25 Aug, 2016.

Episode Notes

The Chase Sapphire Reserve launched this week with much hype. We brought Shawn from milestomemories back to talk about it!

0:00 – Why so much hype around the Chase Sapphire Reserve?

13:04 – What’s the last card we remember with this much hype?

16:20 – Personal experiences with CSR applications

20:31 – Our thoughts on best benefits of the card

27:42 – What has been overlooked in light of the CSR craziness?

35:37 – Best practices for maximizing CSR application chances

37:42 – Is the prospect of cards and sign up bonuses like the CSR worth changing your credit card application strategy for?

43:17 – Is Citi’s new 24 month rule worse than the 5/24 guideline?

50:45 – Who do we think the next bank to cut down on churners is?

Music: “She” by Still Pluto

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