Episode Summary

We come in hot off of summer vacation to talk about Delta’s IRROPS, United stopover changes, and some Olympic sportsball! Gang’s back together, kids! Recorded 10 Aug, 2016.

Episode Notes

The Plutus Awards

0:00 – Catching up

10:00 – Delta IRROPS (irregular operations)

21:11 – Tips for dealing with IRROPS

24:03 – United changing its stopover rules

29:04 – Best value for US frequent flyer program

35:31 – Most convenient US frequent flyer program

37:30 – Best US frequent flyer program for aspirational awards

42:44 – Last Word 1: What city would you like to see the Olympics in?

47:29 – Last Word 2: Favorite Olympic event?

Music: “She” by Still Pluto

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