Episode Description

With Trevor and Joe Cortez on vacation, Shawn Coomer from milestomemories and Richard Kerr the Points Jock of the Travel Hacking 101 Facebook group join to discuss fatherhood and the multitude of ways it affects point earnings, travel, our wives, and much more. A fascinating talk for dads and non-dads alike. Kids are great. 😛 Recorded 30 July, 2016.

Episode Notes

Trevor was out flying first class (drink) and Joe Cortez on the West Coast but we had the pleasure of being joined by Shawn Coomer of milestomemories and Richard Kerr, Points Guy contributor and fearless leader of the Travel Hacking 101 Facebook group.

With the Traveling Dad Twitter party focused on miles and points this Monday, we thought it’d be a good time to come together as three dads and just talk about how fatherhood has affected our views on the miles and points game. A free ranging discussion that went from summer travel to our miles and points strategies to discussion on the blogosphere to how we function as dads. Plus great advertisements for having children!

3:50 – Recounting our summer travel

14:04 – Our role as dads in planning our families’ travel

24:20 – Our role as dads once the actual trip starts

32:24 – How things have changed since we’ve had our second kids

47:21 – Memorable family trips

53:53 – Rich’s strong 5/24 “rule” opinions and some thoughts on the blogosphere

1:01:56 – The triumphant return of The Last Word!

Miles to Memories

Travel Hacking 101 Facebook Group

Miles to Memories Facebook Group

Music: “She” by Still Pluto

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