Episode Description

We take advantage of the summer to do a more relaxed podcast, meaning we get to be even less serious than usual! Did you play “Would you rather?” in elementary school? Play along as we discuss our thoughts on first vs. coach, where we’d travel, our preferred methods of earning points, and what to do on a Tuuuuesday. Recorded 30 Jun, 2016.

Episode Notes

5:41 – Would you rather stay in a confirmed suite/unfamiliar location or small room/preferred location?

14:08 – Would you rather fly to Asia in coach multiple times or in business/first once?

19:37 – Would you rather have status and lose the ability to earn points or vice versa?

24:20 – For a longhaul journey, would you rather start early (5 AM) or overnight in a hotel?

32:00 – Would you rather earn 3X for flown miles only or 1X for credit card purchases only?

34:48 – Would you rather fly anywhere domestically or anywhere in the Western Hemisphere I don’t totally understand this question but whatever it’s a fun podcast okay!?!

And now, some movie clips we referenced.

Music: “She” by Still Pluto