Episode Description

We’re talking Vegaaaaas with Shawn Coomer from milestomemories. When to go, how to save money, and some insider tips from the Las Vegas resident! Recorded 2 Jun, 2016.

Episode Notes

Shawn Coomer from milestomemories joins the program once again, this time to talk about his hometown, Las Vegas. We kick things off talking about why Las Vegas is worth a visit, including for non gamblers (6:47). We then talk about our favorite times to go (16:52) and how to save money on lodging (21:58).

We then regale each other with tales of the $20 trick (32:48) before talking about how to save money in the casino and on entertainment (37:14). We close things out talking Las Vegas for families (52:00) before a Last Word including our favorite things to do and eat in town (1:02:49).

Shawn’s article on peeing on the Berlin Wall here!

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Music: “She” by Still Pluto