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Episode 30 – Loyalty and the Freddies

Episode Description

Wherein Trevor, Joe, and the AWARD WINNING Joe Cortez discuss the Freddie Awards and the state of loyalty programs in 2016. Does Marriott truly deserve to be considered the top hotel program? Is AAdvantage going to stay on top next year? Other junk? Recorded 6 May, 2016.

Episode Notes

Looong introductions (0:00)

What’s the Freddie Award ceremony like? (8:22)

Our thoughts on #loyalty in 2016 (13:00)

Our thoughts on the hotel winners (18:30)

Our thoughts on the airline winners (35:00)

Some off beat destinations to visit (47:48)

Trevor misses yet another pop culture reference (53:00)

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Music: “She” by Still Pluto

1 Comment

  1. Singh Singh
    May 9, 2016    

    Best part was “Award winning”. Joe try getting Oren n Trevor together for another reselling podcast. Cheers!!

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