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Episode 29 – Family Travel Off the Beaten Path

Episode Description

Wherein we record live and direct from the fourth Family Travel for Real Life Conference! Joe Cheung is joined by Richard Kerr, Shawn Coomer, Haley Bach, and Dia Adams as we discuss getting off the tourist path and our evolving strategies for traveling as families. With a special cameo from the professor, Sam Simon. Recorded 23 Apr, 2016.

Episode Notes

The speakers of the Family Travel for Real Life conference in Orlando get together and mostly talk travel destinations. Rich starts us off by asking how we would use miles and points to get away from the tourist track. Dia asks us what are some of our must visit destinations – the ones people never talk about. And we end by discussing how our families changed the way we approach travel and how we save money on that travel.

Thought provoking and fun, this was a great podcast to record and the rum didn’t hurt either. If you’re itching to travel, this episode is just going to make you want to go even more!


Richard Kerr (@thepointsjock)

Shawn Coomer (@milestomemories)

Haley Bach (@bachfancy)

Dia Adams (@thedealmommy)

and a short cameo by…

Sam Simon (@milenomics)

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  1. Jamie Jamie
    May 2, 2016    

    Thanks for the shoutout! Great meeting all of you guys!

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