Episode Description

Wherein Freequent Flyer joins us (3rd time!) to discuss the Diamond status freely given by Hyatt, thoughts on how that’s affected loyal Diamonds, whether chasing status causes people to put Hyatt blinders on, and requalification ideas. Plus, a Last Word you’ll definitely forget! Recorded 17 Mar, 2016.

Episode Notes

Trevor is going to be globetrotting soon, which means you get two episodes in a week!

As most people know, Hyatt gave half the free world Diamond status a few months ago. Gideon, the Freequent Flyer, along with myself, received this mighty gift, so we thought it’d be fun to discuss Hyatt with Trevor, a long time Diamond.

We kick the episode off recounting memorable Hyatt stays (3:19) before launching into our thoughts on the status match from the perspective of new Diamonds and old ones (11:27). After a few minutes comparing Hyatt with other hotel chains (21:47), we discuss planned stays for the year and whether having status causes us to favor Hyatt over other hotel chains and whether this is to our detriment (28:05).

We end with some ideas for requalification (42:08) before ending with a Last Word featuring hotel stuff and St. Patrick’s Day (57:34).

We also treat the listener to a haphazard miles and points math lesson that we’ll let you double check on your own time. MATH!

Music: “She” by Still Pluto