Episode Description

Wherein we discuss the tightening of credit card sign up bonuses, card shutdowns, and get back to good old arguments between the main three hosts! Plus, what’s going to be the best card to use at Costco, how bad is Emirates new business class seat, and are the Freddies AA’s to lose? Recorded 11 Mar, 2016.

Episode Notes

We open with a little catch up from our various trips in 2016 since this is the first time Trevor and the Joes have all been together! After going through some of the big changes in credit card sign up bonus land (9:12), we debate why the banks are tightening up all of a sudden (15:50).

We then take a little detour to argue about AMEX, which…why? But it happens (23:16). Then after tackling which change we feel is the most negative for people in the miles and points game (32:51) we discuss the best strategies for signing up for Chase cards (37:37) and AMEX cards (41:34) going forward.

After disagreeing yet again, this time about whether other banks will follow suit (45:24) we finish up with a fun Last Word (50:30).

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Music: “She” by Still Pluto