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Episode 23 – South America and Staying Out of Jail

Episode Description

Wherein Matt joins us as we flash our lack of expertise on a variety of topics. Included: South American trip reports, legal advice from people who aren’t lawyers, and how much we’d truly pay for Ultimate Rewards points. Recorded 6 Feb, 2016.

Episode Notes

With Joe Cortez unavailable last minute, we call upon the big boss himself to join us for Episode 23. We kicked off the episode recounting Matt’s latest forays in South America (1:30) before discussing our experiences on the continent in general (16:40). We close out the extended travel discussion discussing the Zika virus and how global issues affect our trip planning (23:26).

We then switch gears, talking about the various legal issues that the community experienced last week and doing our best to help keep you out of jail (28:36) or even avoid detainment.

This week we address a reader question about strategies for maximizing a relationship with Chase if you’re not a business owner (42:15) before hitting an extended Last Word (52:40).

Featured in the Last Word – our thoughts on Delta these days, how much we would spend to buy Ultimate Rewards points (57:38), and some SPORTSBALL discussion (1:06:21).

Special thanks to Matt for pinch hitting and schooling us in the ways of the world!

Music: “She” by Still Pluto

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  1. Rachel Rachel
    February 24, 2016    

    I posted this on the forum and Matt responded already,, but I would love a follow up on where you should go if you want to do a wine tour of South America!

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