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Episode 22 – Discussing Disney with Haley Bach

Episode Description

Wherein we discuss all things Disney trip planning related with the incomparable Haley Bach. When to go, where to stay, what to eat, maximizing your time, plus random Disney factoids sprinkled throughout. Recorded 16 Jan 2016.

Episode Notes

With Trevor off galavanting to who knows where, the Joes get together with Haley Bach, one of the finest Disney experts of our time. After some chit chat, we get down to brass tacks:

– Why go to Disney (8:27)

– When to go (17:10)

– Where to stay, on or off site? Best values? (23:58)

– Best Dining options in Disney (27:59)

– Random Disney question interlude (40:35)

– What parks to visit (44:02)

– Maximizing your time in the parks (48:54)

– Resources to check out when planning a trip (53:25)

– Is the Disney credit card worth having? (55:45)

– Haley’s final piece of advice (58:40)

– Disney-centric Last Word (1:02:23)

Some notes: The chicken waffle sandwich at Sleepy Hollow costs $7.49. The websites Haley mentioned:

Disney Boards

Steve Soares’ site

Kenny the Pirate

And your moment of zen:

Music: “She” by Still Pluto


  1. wjs2 wjs2
    January 23, 2016    

    I have a Chase Disney card and you got my attention when mentioning you can get priority seating at the Epcot concerts with this credit card. I looked through all the DisneyWorld perks for this Visa CC but don’t find that information. Is this only available via phone for these special events? Also I could not find where the Disney Chase Visa card provides discounts on room packages as mentioned in the podcast. Again, is this only available via the Disney phone reservations? Thanks much.

    • Debbie Debbie
      May 19, 2017    

      This information is incorrect. Not to sound snotty, but the Disney Visa discount on rooms/packages is the same discount as released to the general public BUT one of two things happen – one, it includes more dates (see this years free dining offer) or it drops a few days before the general public offer (last year). As far as priority seating for concerts, no it doesn’t work that way but you can do one of the dining packages to get that.

      • Joe Joe
        May 19, 2017    

        Thanks for clarifying that. Honestly this podcast was so long ago I don’t even remember the comment (over a year ago!), so I’m gonna go ahead and say whatever Debbie said is right!

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