Episode Description

Wherein we debate, debate, debate, debate. Take a look back on the year in miles and points and find out who took home top marks in the first annual Saverocity Observation Deck Awards!

Episode Notes

For our last episode of 2015, Trevor, Joe Cortez, and I decided to do something fun. We chose five categories – some serious, some silly – and discussed the worthiness of various nominees to become “winners”. We didn’t even Steve Harvey it.

You can read about our nominees here and here. Some show notes below if you’d like to skip ahead.

Thanks everyone for listening in 2015 and we look forward to the next year!

Most Impactful Seat Release/Announcement Intro (4:50)

Most Impactful Seat Release/Announcement Deliberations (13:55)

PF Digest Post of the Year Intro (21:00)

PF Digest Post of the Year Deliberations (26:50)

Most Overhyped/Overexposed “News” Intro (33:15)

Most Overhyped/Overexposed “News” Deliberations (46:40)

Deal of the Year Intro (55:57)

Deal of the Year Deliberations (58:14)

Worst Move by a Loyalty Program Intro (1:09:00)

Worst Move by a Loyalty Program Deliberations (1:22:50)

Episode Corrections

Marriott purchased SPG not the other way around. Duh.

Music: “She” and “Bitter Pill” by Still Pluto