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Episode 15 – Family, MS, and Other Stuff


Episode Description

Wherein we start by discussing how our family lives affect our games, and then allow alcohol to cause our conversation to meander to…who knows. Recorded LIVE in Wellesley, MA with Free-quent Flyer, VRHunter, and Franklin’s Dad 26 Sept, 2015.

Episode Notes

Who knows what happened here? I got together with Gideon the Free-quent Flyer, Robert the VRHunter (Saverocity forums), and Dan aka Franklin’s Dad on the forums. We started out trying to talk about how our family lives affect our strategy in this game, but eventually we just talked about…whatever. It was a lot of fun and worth a listen – check it out. Random tips and tricks sprinkled throughout, maybe even some you don’t know!

Also…there is ACTUALLY a program where FQF has wasted miles. Every hero has a fatal flaw.

Episode brought to you by the Sonoma Coast, Spain, and Bonnie’s jams.

Episode Corrections

You can change the Southwest companion pass three times per calendar year. Miles and More doesn’t charge 10% for an infant ticket, but you might be on the hook for taxes and fees (and fuel surcharges?).

Music: “She” by Pluto.



  1. Jamie Jamie
    September 28, 2015    

    Looks like the podcast is back on schedule! Woot! (or whatever it is kids say these days)

  2. Elaine Elaine
    October 2, 2015    

    In the middle of listening and I have one small suggestion: With 4 guys talking, it would be great if you all started your comments each time with “This is Joe” or “Gabriel speaking” or whatever. Usually I can figure out who is talking a sentence or two into their remarks, but it’d be easier to keep straight just who is talking when that way! Thanks!

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