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Episode Description

Wherein we discuss Barclays Bank and its credit cards, get Joe Cortez’s take on the Arrival+ changes, discuss what the heck you should do with your Aviator card, invent a new drinking game, and try out a new Last Word format featuring selfies and massages. Plus, a reader question about our top miles and points resources. Recorded 17 July, 2015.

Episode Notes

After dispensing with the usual pleasantries, we dive right into the strengths and weaknesses of Barclays and their credit card offerings. We manage to agree on the most underrated Barclays card before launching into a prolonged discussion about whether to keep/upgrade/cancel our existing Aviator cards. By the way, you can do that online now.

We then discuss best practices for applying for Barclays cards (with a shoutout to friend of the pod Miles to Memories) and get Joe’s take on whether the Arrival+ is still worth having. We end the discussion about Barclays by wondering whether they should even try to take on the big three, and if so, how they should go about it.

Our reader question from Jack via Twitter causes us to reflect on what we feel are the top resources for miles and points enthusiasts (Kenny’s point tracker here) before we launch into Fly or Fail – a new game! – for the Last Word. If you’re wondering what the Amazon Echo is, click. Click here to learn more about selfie verification. And click here to read about in air massages!

Thanks for listening as always!

Episode Corrections

None that we know of…but I am sleep deprived. If you’re curious about who owns who in the OTA space…here.

Music: “She” by Pluto

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