Free-quent Flyer isn't the hero the blogosphere wants, he's the hero the blogosphere needs

Free-quent Flyer isn’t the hero the blogosphere wants, he’s the hero the blogosphere needs

Episode Description

Wherein we interview Gideon the Free-quent Flyer in a supersized podcast. We talk with FQF about how he thrives in the miles and points game despite not having a “real job” (no secrets revealed, just quality shop talk), his philosophy on redeeming points, things to consider if you are not super wealthy but want to play this game. Plus a reader question about the best Visa for a non miles junkie, and Last Word featuring blog revenues, Barclays Arrival devaluation, and our most cherished foods! Recorded 8 July, 2015.

Episode Notes

We recommend that you listen to this one while in line at Walmart. I’ve included timestamps in case you want to stick around but it’s all well worth a listen, Free-quent Flyer is, as Trevor says, a hero. Some might even say legend.

We open with a PSA on the dangers of lighting fireworks in your hands and firing guns into the air, and then get to an in-depth interview with FQF about how he goes about his “errands” every week. We start by recounting Gideon (and our own) “origin stories” – how we got into the travel hacking world (13:19). After discussing a day in the life of a full time MSer (22:10), we look at Gideon’s philosophy on how best to redeem all his hard earned points and cash (31:58). Before ending the interview, we spend some time discussing his love of US Bank Flexpoints (40:11) and end with Gideon’s recommendations for “poor” people like him who want to get into the travel hacking game.

Our reader question (1:01:39) involves someone who is looking to switch over to the most lucrative Visa due to the Costco switch, the catch is he’s not super into miles and points and is just looking for best value. Trevor and Gideon both have some great ideas, while I go with a simple and boring answer.

Finally, in the Last Word (1:13:10) we discuss PFDigest’s “End of the Golden Age” post, use Frequent Miler’s post on the business side of his blog to discuss our thoughts on monetized blogs in the space, offer our thoughts on the Barclays Arrival devaluation, and finish with the foods we’d not be able to do without for ten months.

Also featured: The best advice column ever and FQF’s new method of getting his business Amex Gift Cards approved.

Episode Corrections

At the very end, Gideon meant Choice Hotels not Comfort Hotels. And it was indeed the red pill.

Music: “She” by Pluto