Fire up those grills

Fire up those grills

Episode Description

Wherein we discuss Chase, the dominating force in the current credit card game, go over the least talked about Chase card in the miles and points community, and discuss what we would do if we could no longer travel (dark, dark days). Also, our favorite outdoor eats. Featuring guest star Shawn from Miles to Memories! Recorded 22 May, 2015.

Episode Notes

We continue our credit card series and spend some time discussing the clear cut leader in the game (for us, at least), Chase. We touch upon our favorite cards, best practices for applications, the value of the Ultimate Rewards program, how to be careful when applying for Chase cards, and much more. We also spend some time checking in with Shawn from Miles to Memories, discussing Joe Cheung’s Disney obsessions, and manage to get a plug in for Trevor’s ResellingDO.

And what would your credit card strategy look like if you could no longer travel? We tell you what we’d do – reluctantly (what a terrible thought!). Last Word featuring Delta memes (which, to the surprise of no one, Trevor can’t pronounce), the DOT mistake fare ruling, and the airline costs/fees that annoy us most.

Some links:

Trevor on the Chase Slate

Shawn on Chase and bankruptcy

Delta Internet Meme Safety Video

Screaming Goats

The best meme!

The Big Lead’s Meat Grilling Power Rankings

Spiral cut those hot dogs!

Episode Corrections

Singapore became an Ultimate Rewards partner in May 2014. The Ink increased sign up bonuses end May 25 (tomorrow!)

Music: “She” by Pluto