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Episode 8 (5/9/15) – Quirky Citi

Episode 8, featuring this guy

Episode 8, featuring this guy

Episode Description

Wherein we discuss Citi’s generous yet quirky nature as a credit card issue, go over best practices for applications, and talk a little bit about the loss of Redbird. Featuring guest star Kenny from Miles4more! Recorded 8 May, 2015.

Episode Notes

We continue our credit card series by tackling Citibank and its credit card offerings. After discussing strengths and weaknesses, we move into discussing best practices for application cycles and make predictions for where Citi is going. Make sure to check out Doctor of Credit’s article on things you should know about Citi. As the resident Saverocity expert on the subject, Kenny from Miles4More dropped by with some great tips.

Episode Corrections

There’s some confusion about whether Citi prorates annual fees after the initial 30-37 day period. Stay tuned on Twitter or here after we do some research! Also, @saianel is pronounced…we still don’t know.

Music: “She” by Pluto


  1. ES ES
    May 9, 2015    

    Fun listening to you guys. Someone made a quick mention when discussing TY points that 1) they transfer to anyone but 2) they expire in 90 days. Can you explain that a little more? Thanks!

    • Joe Joe
      May 9, 2015    

      From the man himself KennyBSAT: “ThankYou points earned from TYP credit cards can be transferred to any other member. Shared points received are valid 90 days from the date received. Transfers are instant or very close to it. Full details here and transfer points comes up as an option in your TYP account. You need the recipient’s name and TYP account number, and it’s all easy online.”

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