Episode Description

Wherein we discuss a smorgasbord of topics, including 7 year anniversary gifts, Citi’s aggressive strategy, the plethora of deals out there, and much more. Also, do you like plugs? If so, you’ll love this episode! Recorded 24 Apr, 2015.

Episode Notes

After taking a week off, we decided to do a bit of a “garbage dump” episode, hitting on a variety of topics instead of focusing on just one as is our usual wont. We discussed Citi’s new AT&T card (Doctor of Credit’s review here) and their increasingly aggressive strategies in the credit card space, our strategies for maximizing Chase Freedom’s 2Q 5X categories, our thoughts on why there are so many deals out there right now, and give Trevor a minute to AV Geek out.

We also answer a reader question regarding hotel loyalty, and The Last Word features our favorite relaxation destinations and airplane food memories. Also, the FT4RL3 speakers have been announced and it’s not too late to sign up for either that OR Trevor’s Reselling DO!

Other links and notes:

– I make fun of him, but Joe Cortez’s article on Passenger Facility Charges is a great read that could possibly have repercussions in the future.

– We talk a little bit about deep vein thrombosis, here is the Mayo Clinic page on it

– Apparently the Tagging Miles owe Jeanne from Le Chic Geek a drink or something. Don’t ask me I just work here, but check out the site!

– Speaking of drinks, Joe Cortez has issued an open drink challenge. Apparently the Tagging Miles guys make a lot of money from their blog considering they are buying drinks for everyone. Yet, somehow, we never got a clear answer about this:

– Re-live my shame about booking Turks and Caicos on cash here

– More about the Delta Jet Drag here

Episode Corrections

I screw up a pop culture reference yet again. Billy Madison, not Happy Gilmore. Sigh.

Music: “She” by Pluto