Nothing says America like Puff Daddy and O'Hare

Nothing says America like Puff Daddy and O’Hare

Episode Description

Wherein we discuss all things American Express – changes, credit card strategy, the Membership Rewards program, and where we see AMEX going in the near future. We also touch on some hotel changes at Wyndham and Club Carlson. Also, Joe Cortez’s favorite airport is revealed! Recorded 3 Apr, 2015.

Episode Notes

After checking in about the US/AA mileage programs merging and Joe Cortez’s favorite airport, we dedicate an episode to discussing the state of American Express. We touch on on some of the recent changes affecting the company, where we find AMEX’s credit portfolio to be strong and lacking, our evaluation of the Membership Rewards program, and try to make some predictions about where the company might be heading toward the future. Some notes:

– Joe Cortez’s run for charity and the organization it supports can be read about here and here

– I couldn’t find any official information, but people like Lucky and quite a few others seem to think from reading this announcement that Citi will indeed buy AMEX’s Costco portfolio (and convert the cards to Visas). Not sure how people are coming to that interpretation.

– Wandering Aramean’s analysis of Wyndham’s new chart here

– More information about Trevor’s Reselling DO can be found here and tickets can be had here

– Have a reader question? E-mail me at or post something on Joe and Trevor’s Ask Tagging Miles section. If you paid attention this week, there is at least one question that is begging to be asked. Feel free to e-mail me if you’d like to suggest a topic as well.

Hope you enjoy the episode!


We called the Premier Rewards Gold card Preferred Rewards a couple of times. Jetblue and AMEX’s partnership is indeed ending in 2016, though you can still get the card now. The Fidelity money account is called a cash management account.

Music: “She” by Pluto